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Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!

Candle Making Instructions

Preparation of the candle mould

If you make candles with a complex or detailed pattern, you should spray the inside of the mould with silicone spray to make it easier to remove the finished candle. Making a cut down the side also helps in removing the candle without damaging it. Cut off the appropriate length of the appropriately sized wick (it must be longer than the mould) and pull it through the center of the mould. The next step is to put elastics around the mould so the liquid wax does not leak out. Finally, stick a toothpick or bamboo skewer into the end of the wick and pull the wick until it is slightly taut. For narrower candles you may also use a bobby pin to hold the wick in the center of the mould.

Pouring the wax into the mould 

Melt the wax in a pot reserved for this purpose. The ideal temperature to reach is approx. 60°C. Pour the wax slowly so it flows into all the hollows of the mould. The setting time of the wax ranges on the size of the silicone mould – from 15 minutes for a taper to several hours for large or detailed candles.

Removing the candle from the mould

When the wax is cooled pull the elastics, open the mould and gently take out the candle. Next, remove the toothpick and cut the wick at the base and leave about 1 cm at the top of the candle.

You may need to cut or melt the base of the candle to make the candle stand straight. 

Once done, candles may be decorated by using special wax markers. More advanced users can use ‘decoupage’ techniques or natural products such as coffee beans.

Recommendations for easier use:

  • For ease removal spray the mould with silicone spray
  • Add candlewick before pouring liquid wax - make sure candlewick is slightly taut
  • Before pouring liquid wax tighten the mould with a rope or rubber band
  • Use liquid wax preheated to 50-60°C.

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