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Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!

Bee-IQ Solutions | HiveGate™ Entrance Reducer

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This device enables effective defence against robbing, resulting in stronger, more productive colonies by extending the entrance of the hive to a position directly underneath the bee cluster.

With the inner entrance positioned below the cluster, the hive is better able to patrol and defend against intruders. If an intruder such as a wasp attempts to enter the hive and move along the channel towards the inner entrance it will encounter a barricade of bees. 

  • Is easy to install.
  • Enables natural bee defence.
  • Fits a range of hive bases including nucleus hives.
  • Doesn’t require continuous monitoring. Is designed to ‘set and forget.' 
  • Is made for a long service life, constructed from high-quality, exceptionally durable, UV-protected plastic. Is chemical-free

The result is:

  • Less robbing means stronger, more productive colonies.
  • Bees spend less energy on defending the hive. 
  • Bees spend less energy on controlling the environment inside the hive.
  • Fewer colony losses due to fewer pathogens being introduced by intruders.

Bee-IQ's instructions for fitting the HiveGate™ to different hive bases can be found here

Adapter Plate sold separately

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