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Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!
Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!

Lyson | Liquid Crystal Beehive Thermometer

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Every beekeeper knows that the right temperature inside the hive is a guarantee of a strong and healthy bee colony. The round liquid crystal thermometer to be installed in the crown board guarantees effective measurements at a low cost. Simply lift the hive roof, look at the thermometer and you can immediately draw the right conclusions. You can see what is currently happening in the hive by its temperature.

For example, in the spring before brooding, there is a noticeable increase of temperature (optimal temperature is 34.5-35°C). If, on the other hand, the temperature of a hive is significantly lower than in other hives, there is probably no brood in it. In autumn, the temperature in individual hives can also determine the condition of a colony. With this information, it is possible to make the necessary changes before wintering.

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove the back protection from the thermometer
  2. Place the thermometer with the sticky part on the central point of the pad and press firmly
  3. Remove the front protective plastic from the thermometer
  4. Place the complete thermometer with the pad into the crown board of the hive

Pad sold separately

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