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HopGuard 3 | 10 Strips

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HopGuard 3 is an easy and effective natural alternative for Varroa Mite control that leaves no chemical residue and is safe on bees, but deadly on mites.

This unique miticide is derived from hop compounds and provides a safe and easy-to-use alternative to traditional harsh chemicals. A food-grade product, HopGuard 3 is safe for bees, safe for honey, and safe for the environment. HopGuard 3 promotes bee health and survivability naturally. HopGuard 3 is acceptable for use in Langstroth, top bar hives, mating nucs, drone mother colonies, nucleus, splits, and newly installed packages.

HopGuard 3 works best when temperatures are between 52°F (11°C) and 92°F (33°C).

For use with honey supers:

  • Strips are only placed in the brood chamber (not in the honey super).
  • Users must not harvest honey and wax from the brood chambers, only from the honey supers.
  • For optimal results, apply HopGuard® when little to no brood is present in the hive. Presence of too much brood will reduce efficacy. HopGuard® may cause injury to brood directly adjacent to strips.

Hang two strips per 10-frame box for a minimum of 14 days for best results.

10 strips (5 treatments)

Hopguard FAQs

MB Honey Bee Health Treatment Guide

**Shipping is available within Canada Only**

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