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Welcome to Dancing Bee Equipment's Manitoba Store!
Welcome to our Manitoba Store!

California Imported Saskatraz Queen | Olivarez

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Saskatraz queens are a hybrid breed developed in Saskatchewan and produced by Olivarez in California so they are available for spring. Bred for hygienic qualities these queens start brooding quickly in spring and cut back in the fall to conserve resources. They have developed a good reputation for overwintering, have a gentle temperament and are tremendous honey producers.

Due to ongoing global shipping issues, international cargo flights aren't being booked in advance.  This means that confirmation on flights could be short notice.  Bulk orders will have the option of arranging pick up at either the airport or at our warehouse location in Dufresne.  Small orders will be available for pick up in Dufresne on the day of arrival.  Queens are required to be picked up 1-2 days after arrival to optimize survival and to avoid forfeiture of the non-refundable livestock purchases.    

These queens are reared in California to supply northern genetic queens to the Canadian market before the domestic stock is available. Thus giving a boost to early season productivity, and apiary profitability.

Pre-payment in full is required on all Queen orders.
For commercial orders please call for pricing:


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