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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

Colorado Bee Vacuum

Original price $695.95 - Original price $695.95
Original price
$695.95 - $695.95
Current price $695.95

The Colorado Bee Vac is the world's leading bee hive relocation vacuum, trusted by professionals while still simple enough to use by the hobbyist. Chock full of functional design, the vacuum was carefully crafted and tested to effectively capture bees while drastically minimizing any loss.


  • High-quality Eastern White Pine hive body (deep size) catch box
  • Double the capacity of other bee vacuums on the market today. Can easily hold up to 10 pounds of bees!
  • 1.75 hp vacuum with easily adjustable damper to regulate vacuum suction
  • 10 ft of "smooth" vacuum hose with 20" extension tube included. Vacuum is capable of using 20 ft or even 30 ft of hose
  • Two coats of premium exterior paint on exterior of catch box
  • #8 mesh screened top for ventilation
  • 120-volt power required. 10 ft power cord.

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