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Welcome to Dancing Bee Equipment's Manitoba Store!
Welcome to our Manitoba Store!

Fumagilin-B | 454 g

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Fumagilin-B combats Nosema. The active ingredient is Fumagillin, the only compound completely effective against Nosema. 

454 g bottle treats 100-110 Colonies

Easy to mix; dissolves quickly into syrup. You can feel confident bees are getting the right dose every time.

Trials demonstrate Fumagilin-B treatment results in:

  • More bees per colony
  • Increased honey production
  • Better pollination
  • Higher quality queens and packages
  • Non-toxic to bees; 75-fold safety margin for bees
  • No residue in honey, when used as directed.
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces expensive colony replacement and results in more productive colonies.

**Medication ships within Canada only**

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