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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

Pierce | Speed King Uncapping Knife | w/ Control Box & Stand

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$279.95 - $279.95
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This is a well-balanced electric knife that will serve you for many years and makes it easy to uncap honeycomb. It has a high-watt density heater, which will heat the knife up to the desired temperature in 30 seconds. The heat will hold steady in all working conditions. The manually adjustable controller was designed to let you pick the best temperature for your honeycomb uncapping needs.

This temperature-adjusting control box is located on the cord with an easily turned knob.

  • 120 volt
  • cord length: 10" long x 2" wide (25.4 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • heats up in 30 seconds

Made in the USA

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