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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Now Available! Order HERE!
2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

Premier | Pura™ Assembled Wooden Frames Only | MEDIUM

Original price $3.50 - Original price $3.50
Original price
$3.50 - $3.50
Current price $3.50

Pura™ frames are made from high-quality, select-grade white pine and fit together easily to make for speedy assembly. They have been designed with input from Cowen extraction equipment for superior performance in their lines. Standard sizing means they will work great in other equipment too.
Building your own frames can help you save money while beekeeping.

The 3/4" top bar and 1/2" bottom bar provide a sturdy structure.

Fits all known types of plastic foundation.
Note: Foundation is not included

For pallet prices call 204-866-2402

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