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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

ProtectaBEE | 10 Frame | Double

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Two ProtectaBEE Hive Entrances

The Swiss Army knife of entrances for your bees—2023 world silver medalist in beekeeping innovation and your all-season guard.

It fends off Yellow jackets, laughs in the face of cold snaps, shrugs off rain, and lets you sneak in feed and probiotics without cracking open the hive.

Need to quickly stop your hive from swarming or move your hive? We've got you covered there too.

ProtectaBEE™ simplifies beekeeping with an adjustable entrance that keeps out wasps, hornets, mice, robbing bees, skunks, and other predators.

Probiotics and other powders can be added to the "IN" drawer, reducing waste and providing accurate dosing.


  • Keep bees warm and dry
  • Don't fight with stuck entrance reducers in the Spring
  • Easily move drawers out to clean out the bottom board of winter dead bees
  • Add pollen substitute in Spring to build up hive numbers on solid drawer side
  • Keep out swiping critter hands
  • We recommend a small entrance reducer and solid side for cooler climates - cones are only needed to keep out robbing bees and Yellow jackets, hornets, wasps in warmer temperatures 


Can the bees cool the hive when it's hot?
We tested over two years and found less bearding on our hives with ProtectaBEE™ than hives without the ProtectaBEE™.  Honey production and curing rates were improved compared to those hives without the ProtectaBEE™. Inside is an extra-large landing board, and there is still air moving in and out.

Additionally, you can always remove the inserts, and we recommend doing that when you do not have any issues with robbers to maximize bee traffic!

We have also just added a new optional vented cone insert!

Is plastic safe for bees?
Yes! Beehives for years have had plastic frames, plastic queen excluders, plastic feeders, and there are even full plastic hives! The bees don't mind!

Why plastic?
Most hives are fully exposed to all the weather elements. Over time wood warps and would not provide the security needed to keep out predators. We have sourced a bee-friendly plastic that will last several years outside without becoming brittle. Our inserts are also reinforced to prevent warping.

Can the queen bee leave the colony with the ProtectaBEE™ cones installed?
The cones are big enough to let drones (boy bees) enter and exit the hive, so the queen can also enter and exit. This is important, especially if a virgin queen needs to mate. The ProtectaBEE™ will not prevent swarming.

Is there even more that I can do with the ProtectaBEE™?
Since the ProtectaBEE™ is a plug & play system, we can create all sorts of inserts and additions. We have tested putting pollen patties and fondant into the ProtectaBEE™ behind a solid insert and found that works well to increase hive numbers in the Spring. We also have an insert to block swarms temporarily. We also are developing a feeder that can be used with the ProtectaBEE™. And, of course, we will be testing to see if we can keep out small hive beetles. 

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