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ApiLife Var | Varroa Mite Control

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ApiLife Var is an effective and natural treatment against varroa mites based on essential oils Thymol, Eucalyptus oil, Levomenthol, and Racemic camphor. This product is well tolerated and demonstrates high efficacy. It is the market leader in Europe for Thymol-Based Mite Treatments.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Excellent efficacy and tolerability
  • Natural product
  • Allowed in organic beekeeping

When to use:
Before or after honey harvest when temperatures are between 15 to 30°C. A maximum of two full treatments per year is recommended. ApiLife Var should only be applied when honey supers are not on the hives.

How to use:
1. Read the label. Use scissors to open the bag containing the two wafers. Handle the bag with care, the wafers are fragile! Check out this ApiLife Var video tutorial on YouTube!

2. Take each wafer and separate them into 4 pieces. Break the pieces evenly or cut them with a knife or scissors. 

3. Open the beehive and set one piece in each corner of the brood nest directly on top of the top bars.

4. This procedure will need to be repeated two more times to complete a full treatment. Remove the original wafer pieces and replace them with another set.
  • 1st Application: Leave 7-10 days
  • 2nd Application: Leave 7-10 days
  • 3rd Application: Leave 12 days
You will need 3 wafers (1.5 packs) to complete a full treatment.

Advice for use:
  • Balance the beehives according to their strength before use
  • All colonies in the same apiary should be treated simultaneously to avoid robbery
  • Treat by introducing the product into the beehive either early in the morning or late in the afternoon towards sunset, avoiding the hottest hours.
  • Do not treat when honey supers are on the hive.
  • Do not place the product in the center of the beehive or near the brood.
  • Handle the package with care.
  • Read the label.

**Medication ships within Canada only**

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