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Apitablet | 10 Pack

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For beekeepers seeking a natural and convenient solution to enhance their bees' diet, Apitablet proves to be the ideal choice. Apitablet, a natural food supplement for honey bees, is enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural essential oils, and sugars. Given the crucial role of honey bees as pollinators, ensuring their health and productivity demands providing them with the right nutrients. Application of Apitablet is a breeze—simply place one tablet on top of frames in each brood box, repeating the process twice with a 30-day interval in the Fall and once in the Spring.

Apitablet stands out for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Being entirely natural and free from chemical preservatives, Apitablet presents no drawbacks. Produced in Delran, New Jersey, it upholds the highest standards of quality, offering beekeepers assurance in using Apitablet to furnish bees with the essential nutrients necessary for their well-being and productivity.

Correctly utilized, Apitablet provides beekeepers with peace of mind, ensuring they are supplying their hives with vital vitamins and minerals. This product is the perfect supplement for beekeepers seeking a natural means to support their bees' thriving, fostering healthier hives and more productive fields. Invest in Apitablet today to provide your bees with the essential nutrients they require, promoting their overall health!

7cm x 2cm


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