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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Now Available! Order HERE!
2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

Beekeeping Veil with Vest

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This quality beekeeping hood features our durable clear-view veil, attached to a sleeveless mesh vest, to go under your coveralls or suit.

Designed to the highest standards, and featuring our unique clear-view veiling, it provides unmatched quality, safety, and comfort. Get complete clarity of vision, with a light and airy feel, so you stay comfortable even during long spells in the apiary. 

  • Single horizontal collar zip with ring-pull allows you to easily unzip the hood and throw it back to rest on the shoulders 
  • Rib-cage length with a net vest
  • All openings are elasticized
  • Sleeveless design keeps it cool and practical
  • One size fits all

Cleaning Instructions
Rinse thoroughly with water. A hose may come in handy here. Hang to dry on the line (never in the tumble dryer or near a heat source).

Removing propolis and beeswax

Propolis and beeswax can clog up your washing machine. If any propolis gets stuck in your machine it may also stain your other clothes. So it’s a good idea to remove propolis and beeswax after every few apiary visits, or if your suit is particularly covered. 

Place garment in a plastic bag. Leave in the freezer, ideally overnight. When completely chilled, you can flick off the wax and propolis.

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