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Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!
Order 2024 Local and Imported Queens Here!

Gallagher | 6-foot Ground Rod

Original price $18.95 - Original price $18.95
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$18.95 - $18.95
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Galvanized ground rod for your electric fence system.

  • Galvanized 6' Ground Rod
  • Ideal for hard ground conditions
  • Designed for All Hot or Hot/Ground systems

A simple guide is one ground rod for every five joules of stored energy with a minimum of three ground rods. High-powered energizers need more ground rods than low-powered energizers. Dry, sandy, rocky, or frozen soil will require more ground rods than wet soils.

Why does the Energizer need a ground system? The ground is half the circuit of your fencing system. Electrons travel from the energizer, along the fence wires, and back through the ground to the Energizer to complete the circuit. Like a radio antenna collects sound waves, the ground system collects the electrons. The ground must be as conductive as possible for the fence to give the animal an effective shock.

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