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InstantVap | 18-20 Volt Vaporizer

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$679.95 - $679.95
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A huge step up in quality at a great price!

Silicone cleaning cap now included! And now with battery protection electronics!!

The InstantVap 18-20 vaporizer/sublimator is powered by your own rechargeable batteries. Current compatible options include: DeWALT 18 or 20-volt (Does NOT work with PowerStack battery), Milwaukee M18, Makita LXT, Metabo (Hitachi), Ridgid 18V, Bosch GBA 18V. It takes approximately 1.1 amps to heat the unit and 1 amp for every 8-10, 2-gram doses. A 5-amp battery can do up to 39 colonies and even more with the optional insulation cover. The 20V, 9-amp DeWalt battery can do over 70 colonies!


  • Stainless steel frame, compact and durable
  • No need to open the hive
  • No overheating. Exceeds the set temperature by a maximum of 2℃ and maintains the set value within +/- 1℃. Dynamic heating and cooling maintain the temperature within 20℃ during use to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Insulated heating chamber for cold weather vapourizing.
  • Solid state PID temperature control, no wearing parts. 
  • Strong brass pipe. The machine sits firmly on the hive.
  • Precise dosage without having to measure. Fast, tool-free adjustable dispenser for up to 1-4 grams.
  • Quick, simple and easy to clean. No pipe bends.
  • Oxalic acid vapour kills over 95% of phoretic mites.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Battery saver won't allow operation below 15.4 volts to prevent battery damage. Displays temperature and battery voltage in real-time.

Don't forget these accessories:

SAFETY: You must wear a full or half facepiece (with goggles) respirator that is rated for organic acids! Heavy, heat-resistant gauntlet gloves and long sleeves are needed as well. 

Here's a video with Gwenyn (Gruff) Gruffydd using the InstantVap

Instructions for use 

5-amp minimum recommended

Includes a 1-year warranty

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