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2024 Manitoba North Star Queens Available HERE!

Premier | Plastic Puracell Foundation | DEEP

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Premier Wax Coated Foundation is the next-generation product that surpasses the rest!

It offers the most precise cell design with the deepest individual cells combined with 36% thinner cell walls to boost the overall productivity of the hive. The foundation is compatible with all uncapping and extracting equipment.

Premier Bee Products have developed a unique manufacturing process that offers you a bee foundation that is more natural and effective. Premier coats the foundation with only the highest-grade 100% pure capping wax that allows your bees to quickly and effectively draw out the comb. The thinner cell walls along with true cell dimensions make this foundation very familiar and attractive to bees. It also translates to up to 10% more cells per frame allowing for more space for brood and food stores.

The results of a frame built for bees:

  • Boost in productivity
  • Increase in honey and brood 
  • Swarm prevention
  • Satisfied bees and beekeepers alike

Size: 8-3/8" x 16-6/8"

For pallet orders - Please call 204-866-2402

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